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Below are some of many testimonials we receive after each wedding.

"Thank you for the photos - I really enjoyed going through them. You've really captured the feeling of the day."

Mrs N Berrington

"Wow! I never thought I could look like that! These are probably the best pictures of me ever taken! Thank you!"

A Wood

"The photographs you took on the day are really lovely, we most definitely will recommend you to the others"
Mark and Annie

"Have received today the canvas and the prints. Must say they did come out very well"
A Purcell

" the photos today - they are fabulous!!! No need to touch up any of them, we appreciate that you have put a lot of work into them already and we love them as they are"

"Victoria and me have been looking through the images tonight and we both think you have done a really great job. (In fact people at the wedding have commented how good you were at getting around and always taking pics)"
Victoria and Dominic

"Received them [photographs] all. Thank you so much for your time and services, we really appreciate it."

"The images are wonderful, capturing some truly natural moments and picturing what a magical day it was."
M Harvey

"Nicky and I have been through the photos a couple of times this weekend. They gave us a good laugh remembering all that went on that day! We are very happy with the photographs, thank you!"
S N Hanson

"Thank you for the images - they look very nice and I look forward to studying them in more detail soon."
T Nuttall

"I see you've finished the online album, it's fantastic. I can't believe how many gorgeous images there are! Thank you so much!"
E Croxford

"...they are brilliant! You've captured the day so well! I love them!"

"Absolutely fantastic, Imants! You did a great job of making the rainy day look glorious and the reception garden look like grounds of an estate. I will enjoy going through these with Heny tonight!"
B Walford

"Dear Imants,
Weeks have turned to months and I have suddenly realized that I have not thanked you for the wonderful work you have done for us. The CDs and the printed pictures arrived safely, as did the photographer's release. Please let me say that my wife and I are very delighted with the result and we will wholeheartedly recommend your services to our friends. Thank you again!"
P Pichler

"We have received the discs and looked at the online gallery and the photos look amazing! We are very pleased with them. Both you and Asya have done a fantastic job."
Paul and Amy

"We are all impressed with how many good photos there are. A few people commented how busy both you and Asya were taking photos the whole time. Even so we never expected so many photos. I know we had a long list of suggested photos and they are all there. It is great to have good photos of family who do not see each other often because of distance. Angela & Andy will be in touch but reckon they could easily spend the weekend just looking at the gallery."

Mrs Booth, Bride's Mother

"...the pictures are superb. We both feel that you have really captured the day extremely well. We are very happy with the results. We would not hestitate to reccommend you for the quality of your work."

Alex and Claire