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Packages and Rates

We want you to be in charge of the most important day of your life. We'll always listen to your ideas and try to organise our work around your own creative vision of the day...

...But if you are lost for the ideas or have too many other things to organise and to manage, we can lend you a helping hand by offering our own suggestions and solutions tested by time, years of research and experience in the wedding industry.

You don't have to stick to any of them - be creative as much as you can, pick and mix various elements to meet your own unique requirements...

We used to offer a variety of all-inclusive packages to our clients, which were fairly popular with them, but now we decided to become even more flexible and accommodating to our clients' requirements. We have identified the most popular elements of our packages and listed them all for you to choose - just like in a supermarket!

You don't have to wonder any more how you wedding photography should be organised and what should it include, you just choose what you like and we'll take care of the rest.

Please visit our 'Create Your Own Package' page to select what appeals to you.