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Create Your Own Package

Why not be original and create your own unique package by selecting exactly what you need and leaving out other bits which you can do without?

Such a service may be slightly more expensive than the set packages, but it will guarantee that you get exactly what you want, the 'bespoke' service tailored to your personal requirements.

So if you feel creative, go ahead and put together your dream package of the wedding photography, we will make then some minor calculations and contact you with our quote.

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Stag Night Photos
Hen Night Photos
Preparations, Arrival, Ceremony
Ceremony Only
Ceremony and Reception 1 hr
Reception 2hrs
Reception 3hrs
Reception 4hrs
Bride and Groom Portraits
Bride & Groom + Family Portraits
Bride & Groom + Family + Friends Portraits
Dinner Speech Portraits
Studio Portraits (Bride & Groom) 2hrs
Studio Portraits (Bride & Groom + Family) 3hrs
Photo Prints 6X4
Photo Prints 5X7
Photo Prints A5
Photo Prints A4
Set of CDs with high res files
DVD with high res files
DVD Slideshow
Photographer's Release
Aspinal Photo Album (50 pages)
Aspinal Luxury Giftbox
Heritage Photo Album (50 pages)
Web Gallery / 6 months
Web Gallery / 9 months
Web Gallery / 12 months
Web Gallery Installation onto your server
Panoramic group shot of everyone

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