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Civil Partnerships

Beautyworks Photography
, unlike some other photographers, is not scared by the same-sex marriages, or, as they are more widely known, 'civil partnership ceremonies'. We respect all forms of human love, in particular, when it goes along with a decision to make a life-long commitment 'to the exclusion of all the others'.

We are proud to have worked with a number of the same-sex couples and proud to be regarded by them as a friendly and highly professional service. Considering all the controversy surrounding the introduction of such ceremonies, it is understandable that many couples feel rather uneasy and nervous on their wedding day and it is ultimately important, in our view, for all providers of the wedding services to create an atmosphere of emotional comfort, to highlight that such marriages can and will be as blissful as any other, to celebrate the unification of two hearts with the couple themselves.

At Beautyworks Photography, we believe in the beauty of Love and that our task is to capture all the sparkles of it on your wedding day...