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About Beautyworks

Beautyworks Photography was set up in 2005 by Ima von Wenden, an Abingdon-based photographer with a track record of successful management of commercial and creative projects.

For over a decade Ima was managing a stock media licensing company, dealing with the legal issues of commercial photography. As a photographer himself, he gained over the years valuable experience and skill working in various fields of the industry - fashion, publicity and PR, private and corporate portraiture and, finally, in the past few years, in the wedding photography in a number of countries.

Being a keen portraitist, he says he finds "wedding photography particularly interesting and challenging as it combines skillful portraiture with living breathing reportage, giving many opportunities to create emotinally charged character portraits."

He considers himself somewhat old-fashioned - both in photography and in business, but believes that traditional values are still essentially important for the success of any enterprise, particularly, in the wedding industry.

In 2008 another photographer working in a similar lively style, Asya Barskaya, has joined the Beautyworks. Asya possesses certain flair and unique creative vision of her models which is always reflected in her highly artistic work.